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We are here to help athletes explore the opportunities of obtaining a USA college scholarship. Our partnership with College Fit Finder will give athletes the tools needed to build your own profile and find the best college to fit your athletic ability and academic grades.

With over 5000 colleges in the USA it can be very difficult to find the right college. Sign up now


Upload and Continue to Build Your Digital Profile:

Through our Partnership any athlete from the age of 14 years old that signs up through LOAP you will have unlimited access until the December after their 18th birthday with a one off fee of $390 

This will give you access to the LOAP Fitbox which contains endless amounts information regarding becoming a student athlete.

Key Features:

  • Task list so you can build a successful profile.
  • Facility to upload your playing video clips.
  • College matching system that best fits you to the most suited colleges.
  • Save your preferences.
  • Direct contact to college coaches.
  • Opportunity to research the college, location, costs, subjects, playing level (Div I, Div II etc).
  • Opportunity of NCAA or NAIA funding.
  • Resource Information video clips.
  • Links to resources.
  • And so much more
Start Looking at Your GPA (Grade Point Average):

Convert your exam results to a GPA which is recognized by USA Colleges.

GPA foreign credit calculator         

Note: This is an international calculator that converts your exam results into an Unweighted GPA


Traditionally, GPA is calculated on an unweighted scale. Unweighted GPA is measured on a scale of 0 to 4.0. It doesn’t take the difficulty of a student’s coursework into account. An unweighted GPA represents an A as a 4.0 whether it was earned in an honours class, AP class, or lower-level class.


Weighted GPA is often used by high schools to better represent students’ academic accomplishments. Weighted GPA takes into account course difficulty rather than providing the same letter grade to GPA conversion for every student. Usually, weighted GPA is measured on a scale of 0 to 5.0, although some scales go higher. An A in an AP class may translate into a 5.0 weighted GPA, while an A in a regular-level class will give you a 4.0 weighted GPA. Many schools also have mid-level classes (such as honours classes) where the highest weighted GPA you can earn is a 4.5.

SAT and ACT Exams:

Both of these exams are recognized by USA colleges and can be taken in Australia please follow the links for more information.

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

SAT Information

ACT:(American College Testing)

ACT information

Once you have signed up with us we can provide you with additional information regarding Video uploads, contacting college coaches, attending ID camps, tours and tournaments, visa application and unforeseen finance requirements.

We also provide packages to help you through the process, for more information email

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