Soccer In The Sand (SITS)

LOAP are partnering Soccer in the sand (USA)

LOAP have partnered Soccer in the sand to bring a fun based soccer series to Australia. Soccer in the sand has been huge success in the USA with tournaments at multiple venues.

Soccer in the sand is a place where the community can come together to have fun and celebrate the love for the game. We are determined on running well organised events to ensure the safety of the participants, spectators and company staff. In doing so we create a weekend where teams and families can focus on strengthening their bond as a group. It`s an environment that challenges footballers creativity to help them grow and develop their skill.

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What is it?

A two-day small-sided 5v5 beach soccer tournament played in the sand with goalkeepers creating lots of shots and goals! A complimentary beach soccer clinic will be offered on the Friday evening of the tournament for all the participants.

What are the benefits?

Every team will be guaranteed 3 games filled with lots of touches on the ball and an environment to try all your latest moves.

How about the family? 

The entire family is encouraged to come and enjoy the games and the beach. This is one soccer tournament you won't have to drag the siblings to.


Games will be 4v4 plus goalkeepers (5v5). Games will consist of three 11 minute periods with 2 minute breaks. All teams will be guaranteed 3 bracket games with the opportunity to advance to the semifinals and finals. Minimum roster count is 5 and maximum is 11; our recommendation is 7-9 players.

Registration is open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, and gender).

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